This shop sells hand-painted badges.
All are one in kind.

Thank you for visiting and reading this page. If this page is helpful I am really grateful.

What is this?
They are 38mm size metal badges. I use blank badge component parts and paint with enamel paints. I find that 38mm is the best size, not too small not too big, so they are all 38mm.

Where were they made?
I am making these in my studio S10c or on my narrow boat in London. The nice thing about miniature sizes is that they don’t take up too much space.

How to make these?
Undercoat → assemble → paints (overnight dry)→Varnish (24 h)

What paints were used?
Craftmaster Signwriting and Lining Enamel. I use 6 colours. (Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Bright Red. Blue, Mid Green)

Who made this?
The owner of this store. I am a painter and artist, if you are interested in my works. Please visit my website or Bambinart gallery.

Why hand-painted badge?
Since I have moved to London with my partner we live on narrowboat. It was easy to have interests in the traditional canal ware and the decoration style such as rose and castle. So I started to imitate the decoration to decorate our boat. I like the idea of canal ware decoration for recycling home accessories and protection from rust. It gives both practical function and visual enjoyment. They are decorated on materials such as metal, aluminum and wood.
I was looking for second-hand (wanted junk) metal materials online, and in town, but it was hard to find. They became ‘vintage’ and cheap products are all plastic.

While I was keeping an eye on those materials I found free novelty badges at my university. I took a few back and took the parts off. I realized that it was just paper wrapped on the blank metal and sealed with plastic sheet.
When I see something blank, I can’t help but paint, so I started painting on them.

What are painted?
I like mythologies and folk tales so lots of inspiration from Medieval manuscripts and Indian miniature painting. However, I don’t set any fixed theme. I play Table Tennis and I didn’t find anything cute in the current market so I would like to add more.

I made the price as low as possible. This is because choosing what to buy is a fun part. (I don’t normally have the choice with my financial budget!)

How to use
I like wearing it around the neck of a monochrome turtleneck. And my laptop sleeve case, the shoulder strap of my rucksack. It will good on something monochromatic colour.